The Children's Champion Award was established in 2006 to recognize individuals and organizations who work passionately on behalf of children in order to help elevate their welfare to the highest priority in our community.

2022 Children's Champion – Elaine Zakreski

Elaine is a former educator who is passionate about providing all children with everything that they will need to be the best that they can be. Since her retirement, she has worked with numerous organizations whose focus is children and seniors. She and her husband Peter spearheaded a foundation, Hope for Malawi, that has provided shelter, education and clean water to more than 50 villages in that African nation.

She credits her upbringing and faith with instilling in her a sense of duty. She is quoted as saying: “We had a fairly privileged life and we were always told that the more blessings you have, the more you have to give.”

Her career was as a teacher and coordinator of primary and early childhood development. She was instrumental in the establishment of the Parents and Tots program, a literacy and social program for three-year olds and their parents. This program continues to run in the Catholic School Division by Bosco Columbus Homes. She was also an early advocate of Child & Youth Friendly Saskatoon.

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